Sunday, July 17, 2016

Child abuse and human trafficking

Good comtemporary fiction reflects the world we live in. And this world is not perfect. It is a fallen world. One of the ugliest things in this world is child abuse and human trafficking.

Since I startet reviewing I've read some impressive books about that issue. Reports and statistics can't touch you as can a good story with characters you can relate to.

The two best of all those books until recently were the thriller "The Hack" by Will Patching (author's page) and the autobiography of Barbara Amaya Nobody's Girl (author's page).

Now I discovered another excellent novel about this incredibly evil reality.

My review on goodreads
This excellently written book is suspenseful, entertaining, hurtful, moving, thrilling....and true.

The book compares Zoey's situation with Oliver Twist, David Copperfield and Uncle Tom. The methods have changed but slavery still exists.

In the back of the ebook there are some shocking statistcs, reviews from readers who have been victims, information about organisation and an interview with the author Christopher Stollar who talks about his three years of research for this book and about his faith.

Yes, this is a christian book, but unlike other christian novels it doesn't shy away from graphic descriptions of the cruelties. The language isn't "clean" and although there is one christian secondary character it's not at all preachy or evangelistic.

In the interview Christopher Stollar quotes C.S. Lewis:

"The world does not need more Christian literature. What it needs is more Christians writing good literature."

Christopher Stollar does just that.

We live in this world and we can't close our eyes. This author not only writes about it but is donating 10 percent of the earnings of this book to organizations that battle modern slavery.

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