Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Sci Fi and I

No, it's not my favorite genre. I just don't like all that technical stuff and fictional stories beyond probability.

But I love Anthony's writing, his unique imaginative style

Sentences like "Not sure who invited it, but an awkward silence joined us." or "A seed of guilt sitting in my gut blossomed into full-blown regret. It sank its roots deep, latching on and refusing to let go..." make me linger to digest properly every single word.

But no time for that. The action is evolving at a breathtaking pace.

The first person POV and detailed descriptions of whatever is going on within Tom allow us to live it all and to relate to our hero.

Anthony doesn't re-invent the genre. It's all there: the flawed hero who needs to save the world, a mighty enemy who wants to seize power. As we are far in the future AI and new technologies aren't surprising. Fans of the genre won't be disappointed.

It took me a while to get the concept of this world, but then I emerged deep into the story, that is until the point (around 80-85 %) where things drifted too far from reality or from what I can imagine as future reality. Might be my lack of imagination. I like books that stick to reality or at least stay within the spectrum of possibility.

This book is clearly meant as the first in a series. In general, I don't like series and I hate waiting for the next. But I'm sure I'll read it as soon as Anthony is ready to publish.

Sometimes it's worth reading a book not because of the story but just for the way it is written.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Haven seekers

I got this book from Netgalley and I did not know that it is the fourth and last in a series.
What a shame that I haven't started with the first one!

This is a really great series about persecution of Christians, keeping faith in times of trouble, patience when healing doesn't occur as we want it, pride and hope.
It isn't preachy at all, instead it is written with very deep psychological insight and suspense.

Yes, it's one of those books that made me cry, although I have not made all the journey together with Marcus, Lee and the others and I had to figure out a lot of the past experiences.

I'll probably have to read the other three, but I'll wait some time.

Why don't exist more books like that where Christians are real persons with real emotions and fears with the only difference that they know where their haven is, well-written with suspense?