Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Exceptionally entertaining Oriental tale

Israel and Iran, hot spot in the Middle East, enemies since ancient times, threats on both sides, deep hatred and disrespect, that's our common perception when we think about these two countries.

On the other hand these are two of the oldest countries with great history and impact on the world beyond description.

And they both have a great tradition: storytelling. 

This week I discovered a book written in this captivating tradition. This oriental tale is an extraordinary gem that's expertly woven like a Persian carpet - and carpets play a major role.

A young Israeli soldier with PTSD in his obsessive search of a specific carpet travels with a stolen Canadian passport to Iran and finds himself entangled between Mossad and the Iranian Intelligence Service.

This novel is full of compassion for Daniel with his PTSD, intrigues, suspense, love, friendships and a wonderful description of Iranian sites that made me want to visit this country, irony and lovable relatable characters - on both sides.

Although this novel is written by an Israeli it's not biased or one-sided. On the contrary, the author doesn't glorify ore judge neither government, there are critical hints, but his focus is on his characters. And as a reader you can't help but feel for them - even for those of the Iranian Intelligence Service.

Highly entertaining!