Blogs I'm following

After having nice contacts with some authors I had a look at their blogs. Coudln' say that I liked all of them but the following are really worth reading.

Will Patching's blog Remorseless Thriller about his two excellent thrillers The Hack and Remorseless, psychopaths in general and writing.

Anthony Vivino's blog where I discovered his excellent writing style.

Mark Matthews's blog Writing, Running and Chasing the Dragon
He is posting regularly and it's always entertaining.

Peter Rosch isn't posting lately, but Level 9 Paranoia contains some gems!

Faith Simone  All things written to encourage and inspire is indeed encouraging and inspiring

Daphne Tarango is giving "Comfort for the journey"

Sulaiman Dawood's  - who is So not Twenty Five - personal view on society in Pakistan

And I can call myself a contributor to Written by you - a very interesting project where short stories from different authors are linked in some way.

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