Saturday, November 21, 2015

Two psychopaths in one week

This was a "thrilling" week - at least in my imagination as I read two really good thrillers with psychopaths. Seems I'm back on the dark side of reading...

Two very different British books, both dealing with psychopaths and both authors seem to know what they are writing about.

I hate spoilers and I won't write anything about the stories, but I highly recommend this book to all readers who like their suspense with psycological background.

The first one was this hard and cruel, very graphic book about hunting down a psychopath on his revenge campaign.

It was hard to read not only because of the detailed descriptions but also because of what it might be like to be loosing your mind.

There were spread very well researched informations about psychopaths without being teaching.

Guilt or the lack of it is the big issue in this brilliant thriller.

And there's this sweet hesitant love story.

And a lot of alcohol.

My review on goodreads

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Then I read this one.

A lot of alcohol, too.

And an unconventional love story showing how close love and hatred can be, full of confusion and doubts.

Thrilling without too much violence, playing with fear and making the reader laugh and smile a lot.

Of course there's the psychopath acting always according to his selfish interests.

And when I thought everything was sorted out came another surprising twist.

My review on goodreads

Both books are well-written, real page turners - I must use this cliché because I just couldn't put them down.
Perhaps the first one is just a tad better, but both deserve definitely 5 stars.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Edge of God

One of my favorite beta-reads is finally published. I'm not only a little bit proud to have contributed a tiny bit. And it was tiny, that bit.  Michael's writing is so wonderful, it doesn't need much advice, but I hope to have encouraged Michael.

It's not a christian book as we expect them and know them all to well. But it is a very deeply inspiring book, that shows God's love and forgiveness and the way to change your life.

Michael told me that with this book he wants to help heal.
Although written with this clear purpose it isn't moralistic or preaching, but really enjoyable and entertaining.

My hope is, that it will find many readers and that it  may speak to those who need it.

Monday, November 2, 2015

A tsunami of love

After A.D. 30 I had to read A.D. 33.
Maviah's story is full of suspense. This alone would make the books worth reading.

But there's much more to it.

Jesus' well-known original words put in this different context spoke to my heart in a fresh way.

It might sound strange, and I don't get this sensation very often while reading a work of fiction, but I felt physically the presence of the Holy Spirit talking to me.

From a literary point of view this book isn't Ted Dekker's best. Some truths are repeated too often. But that's a sign, how important this is to the author, how much he wants his readers to understand the Lord's Kingdom, His freedom, peace and love.

His Kingdom is in this world but not of it. We can experience it. That's what's shining through the pages of this book.

After reading this excellent book, I followed the link in the end to find a small booklet. Ted Dekker describes in a very personl way his journey of faith, his doubts, and how overwhelming and life-changing it is to get a glimpse into His realm.

I definitely love all three books.
They were not like a wave but like a tsunami of Jesus' love for me.