Saturday, November 26, 2016

The surgeon is ready...Are you?

Finally there's a publication date for Will Patching's new thriller: 11th December

I just love his writing that flows so effortlessly and doesn't feel written at all.

His books are cruel, graphic and gripping with real characters and I literally can't put them down.
I guess I'm one of his greatest fans. He sure is one of my favorite authors.

I had the honor to beta-read Mutilated. I was enthusiastic and told Will so - and I mentioned some points where I had doubts. Now, two months later, the final version in hand, curiosity took over. I wanted to see what changes he made. Of course I don't know what the other beta-readers said, but he cut out some scenes I thought didn't help the story and put in some others I could not even have imagined. The result? Although I knew what to expect, it was as gripping as the first time and the bigger changes made the story even more intense.
With my pre-knowledge I could appreciate all the finesse in crafting this shocking thriller without being distracted by uncertainty. (less)   

The surgeon is ready...Are you?

Are you ready to read Mutilated, a story about a serial killer who mutilates his victims in a way you can't imagine, and if you do you'll cringe and try to forget the pictures your mind conjures.

This fast-paced action-packed book won't let you untouched, it's impossible not to feel and fear with Doc.

If you like your books well-written, suspenseful, with characters you can relate to, if you love horror that feels real and have a heart for people who are beyond the bonds of the social norm you need to read Mutilated.

Now I'm waiting for the third in this series and of course for the sequel of The Hack.

(updated 12-03-16)