Sunday, December 4, 2016

Digging deeper


Six weeks ago Gregory asked me to write a review.

Yes, it took some time to get through this excellent book about Paul's epistel to the Ephesians. This is not a book you just pick up and read through. Some thoughts are so deep I had to let them sink in. Others are challenging and sometimes I even questioned his exegesis (not all being pre-elected). But that is not a bad thing: it makes me search for truth.

I had read this epistel many times before. Some of my favorite verses are from this letter, but this study guide helped me to dig deeper and to see the more holistic picture of the height, broadth, length and depth of God's love.

I probably wouldn't have chosen a "Teacher's Guide" and I generally avoid books for study groups with their forced questions after every chapter, but I'm glad I read this one.

Here's my review:

"If we do not know God's words, if we do not know theology, then we cannot truly worship him".

That's the premise of this excellent study guide. It wants to help us to know God's word.
It is true to the word, easy to read, but difficult to digest, challenging and digging deep.
This is not a superficial overview of the epistel but a thorough exegesis of nearly every single verse.

"Are you being the church and not just attending it?"

What does this even mean for the church as a whole, for your local church and for you as God's child? How can we really be the body of Christ?

We are God's beloved children, citizens and heirs of His Kingdom, part of His body and soldiers in a spiritual war.

Let's learn to live accordingly.

This study guide is meant as a Bible Teachers Guide, but it can also be used in small groups or in private study. I really hope that many Bible Teachers and Students will use it, because many sermons and messages in our days lack this depth of knowledge.

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