Saturday, August 22, 2015

Back to translations

Last winter, when I was in desperate need of money, God sent me a fantastic opportunity. For about 3-4 months  I made some translations for Saddleback Church in Berlin and got paid very well.

Unfortunately they decided to stop the translations and my contract expired in May.

Last week I received an email that made me really happy. They asked me if I was available for a translation. Of course I am!

I'm still waiting for the reniewed contract (What will it say?) but I've just finished the first draft. About ten hours work and I'll have to go through it at least one more time.

This is fulfilling work. This is how I would love to spend all of my days.
I don't only love translating, but doing it for the church I feel that I'm part of something bigger, I'm working for God's Kingdom. These texts have purpose and depth.

It's not that easy either. Sometimes there's just not the right German translation for a bibel verse they are quoting because they emphasize on a distinct word in the verse that doesn't exist in any of the German versions. I'm trying hard to do my best.

I want to thank the Lord for this opportunity. He knows my heart, he gave me my talents, he knows my needs and he'll provide for me.

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