Thursday, August 13, 2015

Stockholm Syndrome

Do you like to feel what you read? Do you like to emerge deeply into someone's mind, even if it's a dark and evil place or working totally different from your own?
I love that.

My review on goodreads
The Second Captive is one of those books that grip you and take you in not only by an interesting story but because it makes you feel what the characters feel and understand how they think.

Of course I had heard about the Stockholm Syndrome. But for me it got a new dimension and became believable by reading this book.

Beth experiences all sorts of emotions while she is help captive for two years. There's horror, fear, despair, depression, but also hope, relief, even happiness. The total dependence from Dominic creates slowly a kind of bond weaved by contradicting feelings, that keeps her captive even after her escape.

Dominic on the other side is obsessed by the idea to restitute his mother who died when he was only seven years old and a women his father rape and killed in the basement. He is determined to mold Beth into a life companion and to teach her to love him.

I know that this book will stay in my mind.

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