Friday, December 4, 2015

Real crime

My review on goodreads
Another intense read by Will Patching. After Remorseless I really wanted to read his first book.

And I found out that this very different book is just as good. It tells the story about crimes that not only could happen, but happen every day.

Journalists doing whatever to sell their stories no matter the cost.

Insider trading out of insatiable greed.

Sex tourists from our so-called "civilized world" satisfying their perverted lust in the so-called "Third World".

The CIA all over the world doing whatever they think "right".

Hackers proving that no system is really secure.

Abusive child carers.

"Honorable" members of society buying photos of abused children on the internet, or worse, abusing children themselves, making profit with such photos, discarding the "objects" after use. 

All of them play their part in this crime thriller, but there's Doug, the revenge killer.

"Who is more evil? The killer or the victim?" Chief Lee is putting the question not only in Kate's mind but in mine.

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