Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Trying to listen to an English audiobook

I don't know why I never tried audiobooks. It seems to be too difficult to find enough quiet hours to listen carefully without distraction. I never even considered listening for hours to a story.

But then Will Patching offered to send me the link to his new free audiobook Remorseless. I love the book and therefore I decided to give it a try.

Of course I knew it wouldn't be easy to listen to a British audiobook, but at least I know the story. I'm not used to listen to English, always only reading (and surely "pronouncing" badly in my mind), much less British English. But this excellent story was worth the try.

Another reason was that I wanted to know how Will would master the job, if he is not only a very talented author but also a good narrator.

I was surprised. Will has done a fantastic job: the different voices are distinct and even the female voices are believable. That's of course a great advantage. On the other side it's a problem for me: When certain characters talk I have difficulties to get what they say, Especially Peter Leech is a challenge! Then again, I understand the narrator much better than I had expected.

To tell the truth: I haven't finished the whole thing and I'm not sure if I would have been able to follow the events if I hadn't read the book.

I guess I'll stick to reading. I can read while I'm not alone in the room, I can take my book wherever I want without creating a wall around me by wearing earphones.

For a short time Will is offering this audiobook for free on his very interesting blog!

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  1. Thanks so much Barbara for accepting the challenge of listening to London cockney accents and the others in the novel that must be testing for any non-native English speaker! I love the feedback and thank you for the link to the pre-launch free offer! Have a great New Year!