Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Will did it again

Will Patching is without exaggeration one of the best authors I know.
His writing skills are exceptional, his novels have psychological depth and always bring in some mostly unknown well-researched facts and are incredibly suspenseful.

The Hack was Will Patching's first novel. Since I read it nearly two years ago I've been waiting for the sequel.

In the meantime Will published his Remorseless Trilogy - three outstanding thrillers about psychopaths - that made the waiting bearable.

Finally Will send me an ARC of The Hunter!

Yes, this book is as explosive as dynamite! All his books are full of action, but this one tops them all. It left me breathless.

Hunter is a dangerous but fascinating man. Kate is a journalist seeking the truth investigating on an island in Thailand where slavery and human trafficking thrive and billionaires act like they own the world.

Yes, it's a novel and the fruit of Will's unstoppable imagination, but the disturbing thing about this novel is that these things happen in the world we live in. There still is slavery and humans are sold like objects. I highly recommend visiting Will Patching's blog thehacknovel to learn more about the inspiration for this story and to read The Hack - it's for free for a short period.

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