Thursday, April 26, 2018

Back to the Hunt(er)

For quite a few months nothing compelled me to write a post. But now Will Patching's Hunter is back. He did not disappoint me. This thriller is just as outstandingly excellent as all his previous books.

In this third book of the trilogy Hunter and Kate find themselves involved in a seemingly unbelievable international conspiracy including terrorism and warmongering.

But is it really impossible? Look at the world, at those in power. What do we really know about their motives? We don't know what's going on behind the scenes. We don't know what the different secret services are doing - and where. And sometimes one hand does not even know what the other hand does.

Yes, Will Patching's story is creepy and shocking - but not impossible.

I get it, politics are a dirty game of power, always have been. Personal or supposed national interests rule, but the motivation of some of the characters in this plot are disgusting in a way that hurts me on a very peronal level. They claim and believe to be devout Christians and that they do what they're doing because it's God's will. Nothing could be farther from the truth. That's the kind of fanatism we usually attribute to Islamists. Sadly the same mentality exists within Christian circles, a fact I find hard to believe.

As always Will Patching's writing flows easily, drawing me in, making me fear for his characters, letting me see the atrocious scenes, taking me to England, Iran, the USA, Turkey and Cyprus within minutes.

Besides his breathtaking novels (RemorselessMutilated, Gaslighting, The HackThe Hunter) Will Patching has a very informative webside about his writing, the background and his inspiration:

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  1. Super review, as ever Barbara - thank you. Difficult reading in parts for you, I know, and I am pleased you could put aside your disgust over my portrayal of purported Christians - who are anything but...