Tuesday, May 12, 2015

First review of my translation

Well, I shouldn't be complaining: 5 stars and a short review mentioning the „well-done translation“.
But I know this is just a favour. We're working together, she didn't want to disappoint me. By her sparse comments I understood she didn't really like it.

Ok, it's not my story she didn't like. I didn't write it, I'm just the translator. But I spent a lot of time with it, every day struggling with the best expressions, searching the right tone of voice for each character, trying not to alter Peter's style.

What a challenge! Somehow it became my baby and I felt proud when it was „born“. I wanted everybody around me to read it – with faint response. Until now not even my children have made the effort. I didn't expect it from my husband – he never reads fiction.
So, I'm still waiting for a „real“ review.

This first translation was the realization of my old dreams. Now I've got a new one: to make this hobby a job. Dreaming isn't forbidden, is it?

I think that's what I should have done from the beginning: study languages and persue my aim at that time and become an interpreter. But a good friend who was studying to become a translator (of written word only) told me that all those students who went for interpretors had grown up with two native languages and that I wouldn't have a chance. I really regret believing her.


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