Sunday, May 10, 2015

The bright side of literature (I)

A few days ago I wrote about the dark side of literature – but there's also an other kind of literature: inspiring and full of hope that brings light in my life, making me focus on what's really important: faith, hope and love.

Can I really write about the Bible as literature? How could I not? God's own word is surely the most important part of my reading experience. No novel, no story, no poem or any other piece of literature could ever give me what the Bible does: truth, encouragement, admonishment, faith and hope. And it helps me to understand how much I'm loved.

But the most amazing thing about the Bible is it's newness. After so many years I know the Bible quite well, I constantly encounter verses I know by heart. I know all the famous stories. So why do I read it again and again?

Because God himself is talking to me. And He uses one and the same verse to tell me countless truths about Himself and about me. All the wellknown stories show a new aspect according to what I need to hear.

The brightest book bringing light into my life is the Holy Bible.

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