Thursday, May 28, 2015

Open Horizons

Reading opens my horizons.

I can't travel as much as I'd like to, I can't meet as many people as I'd like to,
Wouldn't want to experience all possible feelings and adventures.

But I can read.
I'm not talking about non-fiction here. I'm talkng about good novels from all over the world.

By reading I'm able to go wherever I want to. A good book will take me in countries I'll never visit. What I want to see and a good book will show me isn't the landscape, the beautiful mountains, oceans or cities - it's every day life.

Or it will make me understand the thoughts and feelings, the motivations and hopes, often enough much different from my own.

Good novels can give you hope or throw you in depression. They sometimes open your eyes to the truth about society, life, and God.

Reading sometimes may be an escape from reality, at times making me dream, at times making me see that things could be much worse.

This week I've been reading two very different books.

I was offered my first book written by a Pakistani, Sulaiman Dawood, White Lies.
Although his story takes place in the USA I got a glimpse of life in a muslim family.
And I could feel what the main character, a neglected and abused child is feeling. It was like seeing the world through is eyes.

Then I started reading Mark Matthews Jade Rabbit:
A totally different experience.
I can't know neither what it feels like being adopted from a different culture nor running a marathon.
But Mark has got the amazing ability to make me feel it.
I haven't finished yet. Next time I'll probably write more about it.

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