Sunday, May 10, 2015

The bright side of literature (II)

I had to split up the bright side in two posts because nothing can ever be as bright and important as the Bible.

But there are some enlightening books worth reading because they show Gods character and His love in a different way within a well-written story.

Some of them are famous among christians and I still remember them,

 such as  Frank Peretti's books about angels and demons
or Francine Rivers' Mark of the Lion Trilogy

The Shack by William Paul Young

An other one is Dinner with a Perfect Stranger by David Gregory.

And of course my favorite: The circle series by Ted Dekker (unfortunately in German only the first three are available)

Two books I read this year unfortunately aren't yet available in German.

I discovered a book about the unseen world that really has impressed me and belongs amongst those long-time-favorites:                         

The influence by Matt Slick

An awesome book that might seem unbelievable but is so true. Since This Present Darkness (F.Peretti) I haven't encountered a similar book about angels and demons and their influence on earth. Clear message and biblical truth entwined by a gripping story. 
I know many people who should absolutely read this book, but unfortunately they won't do that because the purpose is quite clear from the beginning. 
What I really love are the conversations between Sotare and Mike and I appreciate the focus on prayer, a force we generally underestimate. 
I must admit that I envy Kathy and Mike a bit, I'd love to see what they saw in the end. But it doesn't matter: Knowing that I will see is enough.

Very often christian love-stories seem too smooth and unreal but I came across this book by Faith Simone 

I remember reading on her profile that the author wishes that her words ring true - and I want to assure her: oh yes, they do! It's a rare thing finding a book that's so honest about the struggle with our own feelings while wanting to do God's will without really asking Him.

This book is full of lovable characters, two wonderful men who are able to express their feelings, thoughts and faith - I wish there were more of this sort - a mother full of wisdom, good friends (Kim, Darren, Mike) and a woman I can really feel, full of doubts and fears, longing for real love as we all are.

I love the narrative of the past events thrown in in small portions, I love how she creates sensual tension without ever getting "dirty", I love the life-like dialogues - a great story taken from real life.


  1. Thanks Barbara! It means a lot that you consider my book as part of the bright side of literature. I appreciate you sharing this!