Saturday, May 16, 2015

Me an author?

Goodreads asked me to edit my author profile. That was a real surprise. I'm „only“ a translator, I didn't think they would consider me as an author, but they did. I must admit it feels great!
Obviously they appreciate not only the work a translator invests in a book but also the authorship of the translated version. In fact the translator's responsibility is actually much bigger than the average reader realizes. A bad translation can ruin a good story. The goal is to make the reader forget they are reading a translation. Did I achieve this goal? I'm not the one to judge.

Who knows, perhaps this blogging experience might lead to more writing and someday make me a real author? I don't know.
No, I don't think I'm an author. My writing is very limited.

Lately I often wake up in the middle of the night. The last dream is still dwelling in my mind and I know immediately that this dream is a fantastic beginning for a story. And while in this stage of half-awareness I'm trying to put together the puzzle of the story in my dream I'm slowly drifting back to sleep, wake up again, trying to remember because I know there was something worth being written, but I just can't remember. And the more I try the farer away seem the images to flee. That's new. I had certainly dreams before, sometimes I remembered them, sometimes not. But I didn't care and they never resembled stories.

Will I ever be able to grip one of these dreams and put it into words? I doubt it, but who knows, perhaps reading all the time all these different stories can empower my imagination enough one day to bring those beginnings I see in the middle of the night to an ending.

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  1. I'm coming to see that the world is saturated with people who want to write, and there are far fewer people who support them. IMHO, it's the editors, betas, translators, cover artists and all them that really make the difference.

    Good writing should be a team effort (in a perfect world)