Thursday, October 22, 2015


This is supposed to be the last post of this "Journey Journal". I'm back home, glad and grateful for this wonderful experience.

People ask me what I liked most. I can't give an answer. The cities, the coast, everything was even more beautiful than I had expected! I don't know about other arts of the country, but what I've seen is just overwhelmingly awesome!

Wonderful nature, beaches, rocks, trees, flowers, animals, sunsets, weather.....and interesting towns with piers (some have a pier but don't have an harbor), big cities full of life.

There seems to be an international flair, because you see people of all the races on the streets, much more than here, but then there's Chinatown or the Mexican quarter. I don't know how much of a melting pot it really is, co-existence or one nation?
There sure is patriotism, flags everywhere, fleet week. But there's as much patriotism for California as there is for the United States. And all the ethnic groups raise their own flags.

The American Dream has come true for a large group of people in this part of the country. The state may be broke, but some are obviously quite wealthy. Billy's friend made a fortune in California, just as the gold diggers made then.
But others live on the streets. Homeless, hungry, addicted, ill, depressive...lost.
Outstanding differences are eye-catching.

It's a fascinating country and I'd love to go again. There's so much I haven't seen yet. I didn't talk enough with these open and friendly people.

I hadn't anticipated that I'd love it that much.

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