Thursday, October 15, 2015

Back in the city

Yesterday we returned to San Francisco. First a walk through Chinatown. Billy says I needn't go to Hongkong - it's just the same. The girls went shopping around Union Square and we took the Cable Car uphill. A nice but expensive trip. From the last stop we walked our way back to Union Square absorbing the atmosphere of this unique city, watching people, admiring architecture, amazed by the contrasts, the variety and beauty. I drank all of it, the colors, the noises, the smells, I felt the city.

There's one distinct fact that besides the fabulous landscape and impressive architecture makes this city differ from others I've seen. People are relaxed, there's not as much stress as elsewhere. And they smile! As if there were happiness in the air.
Normally when I walk through a street and look at people they look away. Here I nearly always get a smile!

My feet were tired after nearly seven hours. My mind was not.

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