Sunday, October 18, 2015


The chances were bad. At 11 am we arrived at the airport, said good-bye to Uschi and Billy and tried to find out wether we would fly or not. Nobody could tell us and Susan und Meike got really anxious. Meike insisted we should try to book instead another flight with United, nobody knew if the chances were better, they sent us continually from one counter to the other. It seemed best to try our chances with the original flight. After check-in and passport control we learned that there were seven people on the waiting list.
If there'd be only place for one of us, we'd send Meike home. I needed Susan as staff member to change the booking (without paying full price for a new ticket). We'd have to get back through pass control, search our lugagge, try to find a flight...Again without knowing how the chances are.

I was surprisingly calm. I prayed for a solution, knew that Uschi, Billy, Philipp and Lisa were also praying. And I knew that God would find a way. And so it was. We all got on the flight as planned.

The flight was uneventful, again I couldn't sleep and set among strangers in the middle. The train home was delayed, it was cold, I was tired, my cell phone didn't work and I couldn't tell my familiy when to come to the station and I had to walk home with my lugagge.

At 4 pm Saturday afternoon I was finally home again.

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