Friday, October 9, 2015

From Monterey almost to San Francisco

Now we are almost at San Francisco. We can see the Bay Bridge from here. Here, that's the house, or better the villa, of my sister's friends. It has 5 bedrooms and each bedroom has it's own bathroom. So for the next three nights I'll have my own room and won't bother anybody with my snoring.

The friends are Chinese, just as my brother-in-law, and they're all talking Chinese. Billy and Philipp went to school together in Malaysia - now the one lives in San Francisco and the other one in Germany. But they kept their friendship over 50 years!
Their English is even worse than Billy's German.

The day startet with a good self service breakfast. Again it was a sunny, even hot day. Monterey is a very nice town, I fell especially in love with Pacific Grove. A town where "real people" live in beautiful houses in many different styles. But we read in the local newspaper that on Tuesday the police shot fatally a man near the harbor of Monterey. It seems unbelievable. The town seems so neat and quiet.
We didn't go for whale watching, because $40 per person is a lot and three hours were to long. Nor did we visit the aquarium (about the same prize).
In Connery Row we ate at a Bubba Gump shrimp company. While waiting for the really delicious shrimps we had to answer questions about Forrest Gump  Just everything reminds the movie.

It wasn't far to Santa Cruz. Another town I fell immediatly in love with. So beautiful! Susan and Meike went shopping, while Uschi and I went for a walk.The famous rides were closed. In October they open only on weekends. I didn't mind.
Again I would have loved to go to the beach, but no, again we had to leave.

The coast is so beautiful, the rocks, the dunes, the beaches, the very interesting and for us unknown flowers and trees. I look around and I can't help but praise the creator!

We hoped to see the sunset at Half Moon Bay, but about twenty miles before we found ourselfes suddenly surrounded by thick fog. We couldn't see nothing else than just the street. But God is great - just when we arrived at Half Moon Bay, the fog dissolved and the sunset was the most beautiful I've ever seen!

And as we were watching this natural phenomenon, Meike was sure to have seen the blow of a whale. For sure we all saw 5 dolphins.

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