Thursday, October 8, 2015

Nature day

Today was our nature day.
For Meike and me the morning was relaxed sitting near the pool, Meike knitting, me finally writing my blog, sending messages. We finally found the opportunity to learn to know each other better.

When Uschi and Susan returned from Hearst Castle we continued our journey along the coast. When we had traveled about 5 miles we saw real zebras grazing together with some cows on an area where I couldn't see anything they could eat because were was no gras at all. Everything was dried up. I did expect ot see animals - but zebras?! Remnants of Mr Hearts zoo... Not even half hour later we arrived at the point where hundreds of young elephant seals were lying on the beach. Pelicanos and seagulls flying above us and the wild coast constantly changing appearance. Short time later we stopped to take a photo and we discovered two dolphins playing in the water not far from the beach.
Landscapes like deserts change to forests, wide sandy beaches to rocks, little bays, few houses, miles without any village or town. At some point we arrive at the waterfall. A fantastic view rewards us after a short walk.

We payed $10 for the 17-mile drive. Practically we payed to see where the wealthy live and it is worth the price, not because of the villas and the golf course but because of the nature and a gorgeous sunset.

Now I'm sitting on my bed in a Motel in Monterey. This one isn't as idyllic as the previous ones, but the bed is okay. Of course it's just me who is still awake, again.

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  1. I tend to prefer driving along the west coast to the east (or great plains) because of the rapidly changing scenery. The east coast tends to be dominated by sand dunes and goes on for 100's of miles, the mid west often flat as a table top for 100's of miles. The west coast, though, seems to have endless variety. If you get a chance, be sure to check out the small enclaves of redwood trees (all that's left). It is a very different experience to walk among something that huge!