Thursday, October 8, 2015

Along the Coast

Sitting on a bench in the sun, smoking a cigarette while waiting for the others to get ready for our trip today. Slowly it becomes clearer that our interests differ. Susan and Uschi want to go to Hearsz Castle (and pay $30 per person), Meike would like to go shopping, see some city, and I would like to go on the beach.

We walk again through this imitation of a village and I just don't have the same appreciation for it as Uschi and Susan do. It's all so unreal and kitschy. Our breakfast was "Danish" and the water here is undrinkable, to brush teeth was a challenge and Meike couldn't drink her tea. As coffee it was bearable.

My eyes on the ocean, the wind in my face, the sun high above and shining bright. There are only few people on the beach at Pismo Beach, even fewer in the water. Of course I had to go in. The waves aren't really high, but strong enough not to let me pass to reach deeper waters.
I'm really enjoying to be here, it's amazing!

The others didn't even touch the water. They just sit on there towels and read, It's fine to read, but doesn't this gorgeous ocean pull them in?
They are very picky. No, the water isn't turquoise and unmoved, no, there's no shower, no cabin to change, no bathroom nearby, no shadow anywhere. I don't mind. I love to look at the waves, to walk along the water on this very fine sand. So beautiful!

It's 9.30 pm and all three have gone to bed. Incredible. For about half hour I tried to connect to the internet, for about 2 minutes I was connected, long enough to read my daughters message, not long enough to answer. Surely not enough to write my blog post. To think about uploading some photos is rediculous. Perhaps when we'll stay at my sister's friends' house. I hope so.

We had a great lunch at Pismo Beach. The shrimps I chose were not only very tasty, but I couldn't believe how many there were on my plate, not to mention the fantastic dip. No need for dinner tonight.

Tonight we are staying at San Simeon. We went to watch the sunset, but the wind blew so cold that Uschi and Meike went back to the room. There were three fireplaces above the beach and soon the was crackling a nice fire to warm us. It was nice to sit there by the fire and watch the sun go down and the sky go red over the blue sea while listening to the waves.
This day just ended too soon.

Everybody tells me that San Francisco will be much better than Los Angeles. We'll see.

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