Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Barbara in Santa Barbara

Now we are in a Motel in Solvang. A very strange village. They seem to think it is Danish, small timber-framed houses, kitsch everywhere, illuminated trees and houses as if it were Christmas time and shops full with kitsch. No normal houses anywhere. Do people actually live here? I doubt it. Nearly all the shops close at 5 pm. We arrived here at 7.30 pm - too late for this place. After a walk through two or three streets we found an open pub, ate something, had a drink and now we are at the motel. A very typical thing just as I know it from TV. A small room with 2 king size beds, a TV a small bathroom. That's it. For one night it'll be okay.

We've seen a lot today. The morning started with bright sun and again a walk at Venice Beach. Wonderful! What a calm atmosphere, what serenity! I could have stayed there for a long time.

But we had to leave. Next stop Santa Monica.
On our way north we stopped at the Getty Villa. A building like an ancient greek palace. Interesting.

And then, what I had been waiting for: on the beach for a swim at

But my sister didn't want to get wet, Meike neither, Susan tried, but because of some small rocks in the water she preferred to sit on the bench. So I was all alone. Not really. There were some surfers. but nobody else was just swimming. 20 meters from where the rocks were there's only sand. The water wasn't cold at all. I really enjoyed it! But it was a short joy. After one hour joy at the most Meike had become quite red, Susan wanted urgently something to eat...

Next stop Santa Barbara: very chic. My sister found it very beautiful because of all the builings in Mexican style. I liked the harbor when the sky was red from the setting sun. But I didn't like the general atmosphere. It's just too much. Too clean, too quiet, too...I don't know.

I had hoped to love it because of the name. But it seemed unreal and lifeless to me. Of course the beach was appealing. But no time for that.

Now we are her in this fake village. What a strange thing. Like a museum. Again it's unreal and fake. Looks nice, but somehow it's strange: first the internationality of Venice, then the "upper" class in Santa Monica, still "upper" in Malibu.
The American Dream come true (for some), a reminiscence of Mexico in Santa Barbara and now "Denmark" at last. All in one day.

At some point the road left the coast and suddenly there were people at work on the fields, huge fields with strawberries and raspberries. In October!

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