Monday, October 12, 2015

Stores, stores and more stores

Is Elk Grove a typical town? I don't know - What I see here are an uncountabe nummer of agglomerations of stores with huge parking lots, unused areas in between, some parks with a playground, some widespread areas with single-family houses, no "downtown" or any kind of center.

And today we literally passed our day in these endless stores. We left the house at 10 am, had a break for a burger at an In-N-Out and returned here after 5 pm. It's unbelievable. How can anybody pass his time shopping in grocery and thrift stores? Today I did, but just because it would have been impossible to go anywhere alone without car. The distances are too big and I had lost orientation because everywhere seemed the same to me, just the names of the stores around a parking lot changed. And these are the sites worth seeing here?!

The highlight of the day was the evening service at the church my sister attends when she's here. It wasn't bad - but I was the youngest of the 20 people there tonight. They all were very friendly but definitely not my generation.

I hope Sacramento will be more interesting tomorrow.

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